Sunday, February 12, 2012

Space Wolves first tournament at Black Diamond Games

I took my new Wolves out yesterday to Black Diamond Games for their monthly 1850 event.  It was the first time I'd get to try the Wolves out, as I haven't rolled any dice with them yet, I've only betting working on the brush side. 

It was a fun event, if small.  Their were only six people that showed up so it was a real casual, friendly experience. 

I ended up with two wins and a tie, but the best part of the day was not only did I learn a ton about my army, I learned some tactics for playing against DOA style Blood Angels army, as well as how to deal with a three dreadknight list.  My last opponent played a fantastic DOA list that was hard as nails and I just wasn't sure how to deal with it.  Luckily he was quite the magnanimous fellow and at the end of the game (and sometimes during) walked me through how his army worked.  Very well painted models, and just a fun player to banter with.  He has some pictures up on his blog, The Preferred Enemy.

On with some Random pictures.

My first game.  Pitched battle, and capture and control. My opponent had a drop pod space marine army, so I deployed my Long Fangs across my edge, spread out to see where he was going in, and I reserved everything else.

 I was able to handle each of his squads as they dropped in, I lost a Grey Hunter squad, and some long fangs, but I was able to handle the stuff as it came in. As you can see below,  I even managed to sneak a rhino full of long fangs, and since he only had a 5 man tactical squad on his objective, I managed to wrestle it from him.

 The table for my second game.  I didn't take many pictures, and I spent most of the game figuring how to deal with three dreadknights.  Two powerfists in my Grey Hunter squads is the only reason I didn't lose this one.
 My last game, against a DOA list.
 My long Fang squads got wrecked...
The sergeant didn't go down without a fight....

The game went back and forth, I made some bad decisions with my reserves, that by pure blind luck (and the forgiving nature of the Wolf codex) let me eek out a Tie.  It was a pure luck situation, my opponent out played me and played the better game. 

It was a fun tournament, three great games and the best part was I got to meet some new people.  I love the 40k community where I play, 95% of folks are the type of people you want to keep running into.  I can't complain about that.


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