Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adding Battle Damage to the Baneblade the Imperial Armour Way

Last night I got further along on my Bandeblade I am working on for the Bay Area Open.  I've got about two weeks, so I still think I have plenty of time to finish this one as well as my Shadowsword so I can have a game day decision about what to use.   I think the Baneblade may be better in most games, though I will really want the Shadowsword if I have to go against other super heavies.  

On with the battle damage.  I used the desert yellow to "chip" the paint of the green sections, and I used Adeptus Battlegrey on the yellow to show the paint chipped away to bare metal.  I also added some decals.  I Wanted to get most of this done before I start adding weathering powders. 


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    1. Thanks! It's more time consuming then difficult. A long process but worth it, on the big models.

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    1. It is a cool model, the down side is now I need to redo a bunch of my IG vehicles as I can't stand looking at their boring factory clean paintjobs now.