Monday, February 27, 2012

Major progress on the GW Baneblade - Using Oil Paints, Pigments and Floor Shine

I stopped by my local GW store and got some tips on the next few phases of the process, as the Imperial Armour book is pretty clear, I always find it is easier to talk to someone who has done it before.  For one thing, spraying my model with gloss floor cleaner made me a bit nervous.   I've also never worked with oil paints before and their use was a bit intimidating.

After about an hour of walk through on methods and items needed for this type of weathering I felt pretty confident and went shopping.  I picked up the needed floor cleaner and oil paints.   I spent most of Saturday playing around with these new techniques, and like the previous ones I've been trying, realized they are pretty easy and just take some time. 

I used my airbrush to spray on the Pledge and then started up with the oil paints.  It really does flow extremely well, and works better then any water based wash I have ever used. I then applied the rust pigments.  These are how the model looked at the end of the day

 The weathering process really darkens the model.  Here is the Shadowsword, that I haven't begun the process on yet.
 On the second day I finished the mud, did the road wheels, and started on the Commissar.  I was a bit dubious about the matte spray being able to remove the shine, but sure enough the model doesn't have the floor shine look on it anymore.  I also played with using black metallic pigments on the cannon.  I'm not 100% happy with it, but it does look better.

I don't have a ton left to do.  Need to highlight the Commissar, finish the sites, and add some metallic pigment to the guns.  I also might add some more details to the Heavy Bolters, I'm not sure if it's overkill. 


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