Friday, February 10, 2012

Long Fang progress and Tablewar Tray Test

I spent some time last night and got my Long Fangs to the point where I am almost happy with them (except for one of them that was a bit slow in the mail so he is behind).   I usually paint my armies to a good tabletop standard and work on details after I can get them to a level where I don't mind seeing them on the table.  I've got about a week left, regrettably, I am not going to get them done before an 1850 tournament at Black Diamond Games tomorrow.

 I also am toying with the idea of a Tablewar case, as they seem to have dropped their prices a bit since I last looked into them.  I got one of their trays at a local event they were at so I tried putting a few grey hunter squads in the trays to see how they fit.


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