Thursday, February 2, 2012

Warmachine Two Player Battle Box - What's inside?

In the stupidly long wait for 6th a few friends and I are going to give Warmachine a shot.  I have been curious, mostly as I've heard Privateer PRess treats their customers pretty well and I am a bit tired of being treated like a battered wife by GW so I pulled the trigger earlier this week on a starter set.

I ordered the two player set as it included the Khador I wanted and another army I figured I could rope my son into trying.  With my Son and gaming, I generally throw almost every game at him and some of them stick, some don't.  Worth a shot usually.  Recently I've created a Settlers of Catan junkie...

The box includes two forces, a book, and a bunch of intro stuff.  I was impressed that the rulebook is a full color, mini rulebook, much like GW's black reach rulebook but a much easier read. 

What is included.

 I put together all of the Khador and some of the Menoth stuff.


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