Monday, December 6, 2010


I started converting my Hydra's in the hope (slim hope) I'd be able to make an 1850 tournie at a FLGS this weekend. It's doubtful I will make it, I'm kind of in a "needing the stars to align" for it to work, mostly life stuff in the way.

I've decided to make my Hydras as chimera chassis' with whirlwind launchers. Its a pretty easy swap, as I have access to a machine shop at my work that can cut the exact size of the Whirlwind turret hole in the top of the chimera. Should fit perfect. I just haven't found an autocannon turret idea that I like, and most of the free world uses missiles for air defense so why not the IG? Everyone else does counts as, so why not me.

I finally glued in my Valkyrie bases over the weekend. I was dreading it, as I didn't' want to the glue to fog up the clear bits. I spoke to a friend who said that the vapors can be dealt with if a hairdryer is used to both blow away the vapors as well as it dries it out, which the vapors plus moisture is what causes the smudging. Sure enough it worked like a charm.


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