Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taking Advantage

On the left is the first step for converting the chassis. I shaved off the lasgun sights, and filled in the open bits and hatch with plasticard so it does look a bit different then a Chimera with a Whirlwind on top.

After deciding on my course to modify the Chimeras into Hydras using Whirlwind launchers I needed to find a way to drill out the turrets. I didn't want to put the launchers in the back of the chassis, because it would just look like a Whirlwind with a Chimera chassis. The hole for the turret is not big enough to fit it, so....I'm making it bigger. I'm actually getting some help from the machine shop where I work to drill out the hole. The advantage of working for a manufacturing company is having a machine shop with fancy (and expensive) tooling equipment. If it can cut steel, it can cut plastic.


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