Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I had ordered some stuff on Black Friday from The War Store that came in yesterday.  I had picked up two whirlwinds for my hydra conversions, as well as my second manticore.   I don't have a ton of time this week for hobby stuff, too much going on in life, but I'm going to try and at least finish the Hydra conversions and slap together the manticore. 

I'm hoping to get some time in on Sunday doing more play tests with my adjusted list.  I think its going to work much better at the 1850 level then my previous attempt.  Its about the only thing that stinks about this hobby, play testing with different models until you get to that sweet spot.  I kind of miss how I used to be less into being competitive and just slapped together a list that night of models that I felt like playing with. Though I don't miss how unfocused it was, and how often I'd regret taking certain models/units.  I guess I don't miss it.

My eBay auction is going well.  I've sold off at least 15% of the auctions I posted on Sunday, and most of the others have a healthy number of watchers so I know I'll get what I'm looking for.   Its always amazing to see the different level of interest in the different armies.   The Tyranid auctions get about 20% of the views as my space marine stuff I have up.  True proof of their popularity.  Or lack of interest on the Tyranids part. 


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