Monday, December 13, 2010

Saving a Foot

I this weekend decided to finally trim down my collection of 40k models.  For one thing, I had broken my "not going to collect an army, without getting rid of one" rule when I picked up my IG.  I had thought about getting rid of my Tyranids, but I just hadn't actually done it.  I really liked the way I had painted them, I had a few really cool conversions but I just didn't like playing them so they had been boxed.

There were two reasons I decided to part with them.  The first was cash.  The models could get me about 25-30% of what I needed to pay for a new laptop.  My laptop has been in a death knell since early last year and I am tired of it limping along.  It has almost been three years since I got it, which is a record for me and laptops.  There was a time when they barely lasted a year for me, and I had to force myself to not replace them earlier then a year.  The one before this one almost made it to two years, but then the video card melted.  This one has been a record, and while I would like to make it three years (April of 2011), it is not going to happen.

The second reason, is that of space.  My 40k collection has grown to a blob of uncontrollable proportions in my garage.  I have a large shelving unit that is full of boxes, cases, loose bits, tools and has begun to spill out into other areas of my house.  Besides my army, my son and lady have one, so five armies was just too much for me.  I'll be down to four, which I feel is more reasonable.  My Blood Angels, Orks, IG and Chaos. 

I spent most of Saturday morning taking pictures of the army and breaking up into smaller units for posting on eBay.  I also posted up a lot of models that I had purchased at local sales, expecting to eventually need.  A drop pod here, two Land Raiders, a ton of special characters, and the list goes on and on.....

Besides the money, it will be nice to be able to find my stuff a lot easier.  I'm contemplating starting a spreadsheet to inventory what I have, my bits and model collection is just too big.  It always hurts to let an army go, but sometimes to save the rest of the hobby you have to. 


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