Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I've been trying to resist many of my latest collecting urges this last few weeks.  I had a brief flirtation with collecting some Tau and decided once again I should wait until they get a new codex.  I figure it will be tough to put that much effort (and resources) into an army that is for the most part going to be in an uphill battle to be competitive.  While being competitive is not my primary motivator, it is tough to put that much time into something only to get your teeth kicked in.

I also had a brief idea to turn some Space Wolves I've got (they are actually my ten year old's, but he doesn't really use them)into a somewhat viable force. After a while of mulling over some options I decided what I really needed to do was kick myself in the butt and actually paint my guard army. 

So that's what I started this week.  I had left my guard in December as a fully assembled but only 30% painted army.  I finished the base coats on the vehicles and that's about it. I finished the wash job on the 2nd Valkyrie(doing the 1st one was the last thing I completed before I shelved the army) and last night I worked on getting the metal bits on the vehicles (10 chimera and chimera chassis vehicles) painted up. Next up, washing the metal bits and detail the tanks (mostly doing the optics).

The real project is going to start when I have to do the infantry....


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