Monday, April 11, 2011


I haven't done a lot on the gaming front, I spent most of the week busy with work and what little free time I had was taken up with posting (and shipping) 100+ RPG sourcebooks.  I decided a few weeks ago to sell off the majority of my RP books, most were just collecting dust.  I had worked in a few game stores in my twenties and RP book collecting became something of a disturbing habit.  I kept a few gems and some modern books but I decided the rest could get sacrificed to the eBay.

I did play in a FLGS' 1850 over the weekend, bringing my Orks.  I knew my Ork list was terrible, but didn't realize how terrible until I got my teeth kicked in by a 'nid list and a Blood Angel player.  I did fair well against an IG list, but it was because I got first turn, survived a bunch of KFF cover saves on my nob unit and got some power claws into base to base with his russ squadron.  


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