Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Numbing of the Mind

After a day off from my IG painting project I decided to start the phase of the project I was looking forward to the least.  The Infantry.

I really can't complain, in an IG list I've only got about 50 infantry and a squad of psykers.   If I had an infantry blob list I would most likely have sprayed them all brown and called it a day.  I always have trouble painting horde armies, the shear number of models to paint can be overwhelming.

I based and primed up the models last weekend so it was just a matter of diving in.  The Cadians are pretty simple to paint, they have some cloth on their torso's(which I finished half of last night) that need a good wash, some green on their armor pieces and lasguns and some black boots, and they are pretty much done.


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