Friday, April 15, 2011

Capital Gains

I haven't made much hobby progress this week as I've been busy with work and I've been mulling over where to focus my hobby efforts next.   My recent rekindling of my desire to play Orks is one possible avenue to pursue as well as I'd like to get a nice set of terrain for my table done.  I think I'll finish the Valkyrie terrain piece as dessert terrain and I think it would pretty easy (with the wire cutter) to make some dessert rocks, throw down a dessert mat and I'll have a decent set of dessert terrain.

The one semi-hobby related activity I've made progress in is some bartertown activity.  I picked up a damaged land raider for $20 to use as a terrain piece.  I could use it as a CSM piece that is possessed but I think another wrecked vehicle would be much cooler (and I would get a lot more use out of it). 

I also picked up a bike army on bartertown cheap.  I didn't buy it with any intention of using it, but the price was right in that I should be able to flip it on ebay and make some bucks off of it. I'll do even better if I break it up but I'm not sure that's worth the effort.  I occasionally do this kind of thing, usually I do better with these kinds of deals on craigslist/local store markets when I can pick up models at a deep discount.  It's a fantastic feeling when you can fund your hobby from within.   Anyone that knows me has heard me ramble on about how fantastic it can be to sell on eBay, rantings aside from the nutty fees, it is the best way to get afair price for your stuff. Maybe I'll write up a blog list about the method to my madness soon, but I'm not sure that's worth the effort as I do often break even or lose a couple of bucks and I really don't need to get flamed.


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