Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday and Battlefoam

My latest annual black Friday tradition has been picking up Battlefoam products on the greatest of free market economy holidays at a healthy 25% off.  Last year I started with my first bag, a 720 with custom foam for my Imperial Guard that has been fantastic. 

This year, instead of one bag, I picked up a bunch of foam. I've collected a 1520 since then so I didn't think I needed more bags.  I am trying out their GW sized foam to fit in my obscene amount (don't ask) of GW hard cases.   I really hate the red foam that comes in these cases, they are way too hard and I don't think they provide enough protection.  Over the years the foam has been cut up to fit long sold armies, so some fresh troop trays will be a welcome addition.

I am also trying out their new line of more inexpensive bags.  My son, who I've written about in recent posts, has picked up the Squarebased variety of the hobby so I think it is time I get him his own bag (as compared to a box) to put his carefully painted swarm of rats into.  The price is right, and I think it will work well for a 1k-1.5k fantasy army.  After I get it, I'll toss up a review, as I am sure others are curious.


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