Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How I learned to stop worrying and love my airbrush

I had to stay home from work yesterday to care for my sick son, which meant apart from having to scramble to get some things I had to get done that day done from home, I was able to sneak in some time modeling. 

I had been dreading pulling out my airbrush as I hadn't had the easiest time last year with it painting my guard.  It always seems to jam, never feeding paint like it should, not spraying evenly, etc.  I am sure it is operator error as I haven't had any real training apart from some YouTube videos and the occasional Dakka thread.  I really like the idea of my airbrush and I'm always happy with the results, I just don't pull it out much because it can be such a hastle.

I finished basing the models I've been working on, primed them up, and took an airbrush to my demon prince as a trial run as I haven't used my airbrush since last year when I sprayed my guard vehicles. I also spent some time in the evening actually painting on my Demon Prince.  I'm pretty happy so far, it's a ton of progress for one day.

With the upcoming Tomb Kings, I mean Necron release, I wanted my base to be a bit topical so I hacked up a destroyer as a step stool for my Demon prince. After trying it out, I decided what would work best was to flip it over and use the bottom to stand on.

For stability I added a pin.
The top of the destroyer is round, so a bit of dremel work made it fit a lot better.

A bit of sand and rocks added.
I then pulled out my airbrush and went to work adding the first color to the Demon Prince.  I am using the Olive Greens Reaper Triad, and I basecoated with the darkest of the three.

While that was drawing I finished up the bases on my terminators and raptors.  The terminators got some Necron bits and the raptors just got a few stones.

I then airbrushed a light coat of the second green, this one a bit lighter then the last one.

I then gave my raptors and terminators their prime jobs. Theyare now ready to be airbrushed.  Most likely I will wait until this weekend as I'd like to do it when I have some good daylight to work with.

I then gave my Demon Prince a liberal washing of Ogryn Flesh.  This really brought out the detail.

I spent two episodes of Castle last night on the Demon Prince and his base. I know most people would do them seperatly, I would like to have them bothdone at about the same time.   I don't have any step by steps, only how they came out.  I didn't have any daylight, so the pics are bit rough. 


  1. Looks good. I too often dread the clogs and extra work needed with the airbrush. Your demon prince looks like you are getting pretty nice results fairly quickly. It is a bit hard to tell in the pictures, did you spray for zenithal highlights? How are the reaper paints to spray through the airbrush?

  2. @Cameron I didn't spray for zenithal highlights, I'm not a fan of it, its a bit too subtle of an effect for me. The Reaper paint sprayed okay, I think I needed to filter out a few flakes next time, good for basecoating.

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  4. Looking forward to seeing a final painted picture of this. How do you find the reaper triads? I just ordered a few. Now I am wishing I had ordered the greens too.

  5. @Cameron I got mine locally, though I know The Warstore sells them online.