Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tanksgiving Apocalypse Game at Games Workshop Alamo

 Today I spent the afternoon at Games Workshop Alamo playing in an Apocalypse game with the appropriately named Tanksgiving. The game was run by Reece of Front Line Gaming.  He owns a local game store where they sell GW and also do some amazing paint commissions.

It was fun to get my first Apocalypse game in, though I wasn't quite prepared for the sheer chaos of it.  The game was about 10-12k a side, with three objectives.   It was supposed to be a scenario with Necrons though no Necrons showed up so it was just played as a regular Apocalpse game.  I had brought my regular guard army though others had plenty of super heavies (mostly of the baneblade variety) and even one Eldar titan. 

 Our side had to hold the below objective as one of our three. You can see my guard in the lower right (green vehicles).

 The other side rolled hard with a large Vindicator formation followed by two superheavies.  Our artillery rained a lot of death on those models.

 The aforementioned rain......

 After the rain...

 My command squad was brutally gunned down by some Templars with only the Commander remaining.

 A squad of my veterans with Meltaguns and Meltabombs snuck in behind the super heavies on the bridge and was able to after a few turns destroy one of the Baneblades.

 Our Super Heavies began to fall after the second turn.  Tons of marines deep struck or rode in Stormravens and got into our lines.
 The giant silver balls were teleporters that brought in reinforcements.  Lysander in a large squad of TH/SS terminators was a real threat showing up in our back door.
 Luckily a vortex missile was locked in the chamber ready.
 ...and no more Lysander or Rhinos.
 My meltavettes managed to take out one more vehicle before getting blown to pieces.

 The fight for the bridge raged on with our Tyranid allies trying futilely to get the enemy ff the second objective.
 My guard did do okay at taking down a lone Space Marine.

 The game ended with both sides contesting the second objective and each side holding one.  A big fat tie.


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