Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Color Blindness and painting Warhammer minatures

Recently, I've learned about how I've got a problem with colors.  I always knew I was a little colorblind, but not until I tried to paint up some Nurgle marines did I realize how color blind I am.  I've written at length recently about the Nurgle marines I've been painting up to match with an army I bought from a friend and in attempting to match his scheme I've realized how color blind I am. 

I thought I had a done a pretty good close job of matching the paint to what my friend had done, until he took a look at it.  I handed him some of my green raptors and he asked me if I knew they were brown.  Turns out I have a problem with dark browns looking green to me.  The nurgle marines are the exact colors I learned I have an issue with.  Started brown and then added green.  While painting them, I decided they weren't brown enough so I gave them an extra coat of ogryn flesh and this made them even browner.   Only I coudln't see how brown the model really was. 

After a bit of searching it appears that many artists (not that I am calling myself an artist) didn't realize they were color blind until many years into their craft. While I found some forum postings on the topic of Warhammer and Color Blindness it seems to be a topic not given much coverage in the Warhammer forums and blogs out there so I decided to write about my experiences and hopefully shed some light on the topic.

The good news for me is that I really only have a problem with green/brown shades and if it wasn't for trying to match an army I would never had noticed because they would have looked just fine to others and me, we'd just disagree about what exact color they are.

If you aren't sure about this, I'd take one of those quick online tests and see if you have a touch of color blindness. Otherwise, you might be painting turd marines when you think are painting puke ones.


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