Monday, November 28, 2011

Starting a Hobby Project list - Too much on my plate

I've decided I need to start planning my hobby efforts.  With rumors swirling of the next two codexs to be released being ones that I know I want to get in on next year could be very busy. I've got one major project and a few minor projects on my shelves to finish up.  I have been keeping a running track of projects in my head though its lead to many a half done list as something new comes across my line of sight. 

With the next codex coming into view about March-ish this is when I've decided I need to finish up what I'm working on or it just won't get done.  I run into this quite often, the finish or sell mode.  Anyone who knows me know that I collect way more then I actually have time to assemble and paint. I'm a bit of a 40k pack rat.  I think its due to me wanting to try many things and truly not finding one that is "my army". 

My current Major project is my Warriors of Chaos.  They are about 60% assembled and unpainted.  I am planning on breaking out the airbrush and getting these guys done over my Christmas break.  I planned that with my guard and it didn't quite work out last year, so we'll see how successful I am.

My minor projects are much more vast and in order of what I want to finish.
  • Finish my Nurgle Terminators/Raptors.  I've only got about 5 or 6 hours to finish highlighting and basing.
  • Grey Knight Terminators. I have 20 terminators and 2 dreadnights that are 40% done painting.  I had started a black and gold theme though it is just too consuming.  I am thinking I will break out the airbrush and just do the traditional bolt gun metal, wash, highlight and done. 
  • My "Valkyrie down" terrain peice.  I really just need to highlight and paint some sand I added and this one is done. 
  • My Ork Bikers. I have six bikers for my Ork army I need to finish up.
  • Cleaning up my bits.  I have 30 or 40 boxes of various models that I need to finish clipping the sprues of use full stuff. While not as sexy as the above, I need to do it, as the boxes take up too much room.
  • Adding to my Guard.  I'd like to paint up a baneblade and add about 4-6 russes to have on hand for both Apoc and and regular games.  I'd also like to pick up a Vendetta or two.  I have about 60 infantry I could paint up, though I don't have much interest in the "blob" lists.  I like tanks.
I'd like to clear off about half of the minor list and finish my WOC before March.  If it doesn't get done by then its not happening.  How do you organize your hobby projects?


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