Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Nurgle Progress

I made some more progress the last few days with my nurgle additions.   My demon prince is almost done, with some detailing on his sword/chains and some highlights of the blisters to do. 

I also finished the base coating of the two greens I used on the demon prince on my Raptor and Terminator squads.  I had a brief issue with the first coat on the squads and realized I thinned down the wash a bit much.  It came out almost like a heavy wash.  After mixing up a second batch I corrected the problem and when it dried put on a the second color.  One coat of wash didn't quite get the color right, so I did another coat this morning.  I like to let washes dry for at least a day to make sure they are 100% dry so I won't be able to put some work into them for about a week due to an upcoming business trip.  I am looking forward to cracking open the Necron codex that I've saved for the plane trip.  Really hard not to open that bag....

Some pictures.

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