Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dropzone Commander Paint Test with Models

I got started on some paint tests for my Dropzone Commander models a few days ago, and made some progress last night.  I had thought I would do a blue with green pattern so I picked out several different blues and greens, and did some tests on some Battlefleet Gothic sprues that were kind enough to do sacrifice themselves.  I figure the scale was about right and would work.

I decided to go with GW colors, as I like the variety of their layer line, and as I wasn't quite sure what I was going for I wanted some choices.  I picked three Blue paints and three Green paints, thinking one of them had to look good.

  I painted on the three different blues, with a layer of Secret Weapon Miniature's Blue Wash on top.  I then decided on the blue color to use.  I found that the wash added a glossy sheen I didn't like, so I gave it a quick coat of Matte spray, a trick I've learned in the last year from painting tanks.

After I picked a Blue, I decided to try the three different Green paints with the Blue I picked.  I ended up picking these colors.

 After selecting my two colors, I decided to try testing one of my models with it.  I decided to go with a Neptune class drop-ship, as it was big enough to see the scheme but not on the expensive Poseidon class so if I had to scrap it, it wasn't the end of the world.

 I mounted it on a stick, so it would easier to paint.
 I gave it a spray of Gray primer.  I went with Gray as it's been my default for a while, rather than black or white, I find it's a good middle of the road color.  Here is where I ran into trouble.

I looked at the model in Gray for a while, and decided I really, really liked the Gray.  I decided to try doing a scheme that was Gray, so I just added some wash to the grills/dark parts, added a red stripe on the rear, and a bit of metal for the engines.  It is a super simple scheme and I think that's what I like about it.  I'm not sure I won't go back to my Blue/Green idea, but the more I look at the pictures I think I accidentally found a scheme I really like.


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