Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Actual Progress on my Khador Conquest

After sitting dormant for a few months I finally put some work into my Warmachine colossal, a Khador Conquest. I had put it together back in August though the problems I had with getting missing parts took the wind out of my sails on my level of enthusiasm for this model. The missing part I needed took over two weeks to show up, and that was even after reaching out to Privateer Press on Twitter and emailing the right person directly.

So Saturday morning I fired up my airbrush and decided this model needed it's coat of Khador Red.  I used a Khador Red base for the base coat and highlighted it with the Khador Red Highlight Color.  Privateer Press does make color selection easy with their P3 line.

 I am trying a new method for doing black.  I am doing a grey, in this case the obsolete Adeptus Battlegrey from the defunct citadel foundation line. I am then going to put a coat of black wash on it. I got this tip from a friend of mine who is a golden demon level painter.  It's how he does black, so I figure if it's good enough for him I should give it a shot.
 After the grey I started to work on the metal parts.  I used another defunct GW paint, Boltgun Metal.  I really love the P3 colors, but their metal paints are just way too thin.  I found the coverage was awful when I tried to use cold steel it just smeared.
 During Monday Night Football I finished up the metal bits. I used a tin color on the smoke stacks to differentiate it from the rest of the model.  This was not a small task, I think I Spent two quarters on it.  So much metal...

 The last thing I did was put the black wash on the metal, and grey parts.  I am very happy with how the "black" came out.  It's got more character to it, and I like how it has a dull look to it, unlike a straight black.
My next step is to put some wash on the gold parts, and then do some highlighting.  I've also got chipping and weathering to go.  I figure it will be a few weeks at least, but it should be done before I get going on any chaos stuff. 


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