Monday, September 17, 2012

Scratch one item off the Lust List

We all have things we have coveted in the back of our minds, things one day we'll buy, the car, the boat, the big house, you know what I am talking about.  That thing you have told yourself that one day you will have one, when the money and timing is right, it will be yours.  Maybe you even have a picture of them up on the wall, or you have lusted after them having seen them in person, or maybe even gotten close but never quite there.

This morning I just scratched off one of those items from my lust list. 

A lull in my day led me to Ebay to start poking around as to what was availible through one of my favoritie sources of toy soldiers.  I was surprised to see a Forgeworld (sorry, not the cardboard version above) Chaos Warhound Titan in an Unassmbled state, and at a price I would be willing to pay.   It was still about 10% more than what I wanted to pay, but still much cheaper than Retail.  I'm picky about assembly and painting so this was perfect. 

The only problem is while I had planned on picking one of these up, after seeing one at Big Jim's game at Celisticon month, I am still a few months away from having the time to work on it, so it may sit for a bit.  Still, even having one in pieces will be a step up.  While I have owned two titans in the past, one an Armorcast Phantom Titan from the pre-apocalypse time of 3rd edition that mostly sat on my computer desk, and an Ork Gargant find at a flea market, none of them have been destined for actual table time.  This one will be different. 

My enemies will be crushed beneath it's feet!! Well, more than likely it will shoot a couple of times and then explode gloriously.  But it will still be pretty cool.


  1. Glory be with you and I hope you hear the lamentations of their women as well!

    1. The real problem, is what Legion to paint it for...leaning towards Deathguard as I'm building one when the Dex drops though a generic Chaos scheme has some appeal as it would future proof the model.