Sunday, September 16, 2012

First game of Dropzone Commander in the books - with pictures!!

Got my first game of Dropzone Commander in last night.  My local game shop, Black Diamond Games, is actually running demo games during September on Saturday evenings, so another  new player and I had a store employee walk us through the game.  The game flows even better than I thought, apart from some line of sight issues I had.  The dropships are on roughly 4" stands though they are actually at 6" making line of sight tough sometimes as you are trying to position your models for shots.

 I really like the alternate activation coupled with activating groups of your army makes for a game you are much more engaged in than 40k,  Unlike 40k, where you move and shoot your whole army army while your opponent watches, in this game you only run one part of your army then your opponent runs a section of theirs.  This leads to a game where you don't spend half the time sitting on your butt watching.  The ironic thing is this is why the Games Workshop designers had an armor save added to Warhammer when they did first edition Warhammer, it was to engage your opponent during your turn, when historical games at the time didn't have that.  Dropzone Commander is a huge step in the right direction of a mutually engaged experience.

After only one game I am hooked.  I've already decided on a paint scheme and I am going to go out and get some stuff for terrain this afternoon.  I don't think this is going to derail my plans for a Deathguard army, but it might, as this game was indescribably fun.  

One of our local players made some awesome terrain made up of buildings with the printable Dropzone Commander buildings available on Hawk Wargame's website..

 Pile of printable Dropzone Commander roads.
 My PHR army getting ready for the game.
 My first dropship brings in some walkers, my Phobos walkers (no arms as they didn't come in my starter).
 Our mission involves picking up intel from a few buildings in the city, and then exiting the battle with it.

 Our first contact!
 Battle in the building.  The PHR infantry were quickly overwhelmed, though not before taking out a few infantry bases.

 My PHR surrounded the main building, and did a great job of keeping the UCM forces from backing up the infantry with their intel.

The game ended with both armies with 1 piece of intel, and the tie breaker went to my PHR as they had inflicted heavy casualties on the UCM forces.

I had a fantastic time, I can't wait to get another game in.  If you get a chance, this is a game that you should really give a shot, it's a way fun game.


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