Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More Pictures from Big Jim's game at Celisticon

Got some more pics to show off from Big Jim's game, this time via someone who knows what to do with a camera (unlike my photography by volume technique).  These pics were taken by Josh, who has now twice kicked my Guard's teeth in during these Narrative games with his Demons.  It may be the las time we face off with these armies though.

 Both of us are looking to jump ship to different armies by the time the next one of these games comes around,which looks like it will be at the next Bay Area Open in March of 2013.  As my current plan is to start working on a Deathguard army I was a bit disappointed I won't have his Demons on my side, come next March. 

On with the stunning photo's Josh took!!

All photos are by Josh of G3SC.  G3SC is Santa Cruz based gaming club that runs some amazing events and does a lot of good for the hobby as a whole.  Check them out on their website.  


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