Monday, November 15, 2010

Raiders of the FLGS

I had an interesting weekend in the world of 40k. I continued on my assembly project, not quite on schedule but I did finish most of my Infantry. I still have a few melta guns and plasma guns to convert to throw on my special weapon/veteran/and command squads.

I got together with an old high school buddy over the weekend and showed him the hobby. He had told me he was interested, so I ran him through a basic game (ork on space marines). He seemed to like it, so we'll see. It is always nice to increase the gaming group with fresh blood. This wasn't what really made my weekend, what really did was a box I found at a FLGS's bits sale.

I went to a local shop that was trying out having a bits market event. People could put out their items for sale, people paid the shop for them, and the sellers got GCs to spend at the store. People got to get rid of stuff they didn't want and get some store credit, the store made some money off the event and people got to get some cheap models. Everyone wins.

It started off okay, I saw some loose orks I picked up. I got some space marine bikes for my son at a fair price. I was able to pick up a dark eldar and eldar jetbike for my Ork bike conversion project. Found a few loose items, and I was ready to go when I noticed a box sitting at the end of one of the tables of items. I walked over and casually looked inside. I could not believe my eyes as to what was inside. There was an armorcast Ork Gargant. It even looked intact. I looked for a price and couldn't see one. I asked my son to go ask the cashier how much this item was. I could not be live my eyes when he said $45.

I then began to remove the pieces from the box to see if it was intact. People started to notice as I was assembling the Ork Titan on the table realizing what it was. Even more lucky, it was intact. Quite a few people, the ones that knew what it was, had the same reaction I did. It was like finding a Jackson Pollock at a thrift store for $5.

Upon taking it home that day I thought for a while about what to do with it. Looking up how much it was worth I decided I couldn't keep it. I really wanted to, but the model is worth so much I couldn't. The worst part about having a heavy economics load in college was the concept of opportunity cost. If I keep it, I am giving up the opportunity to sell it and get enough money to pick up another army. I don't have another army in mind, but knowing me I will soon and I'd rather add another army to my stable then keep one model. Even if it is an amazing one.


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