Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I finished up building my IG army on Saturday morning. Took the list over to a friends house to give it a shot. Played two games, the first was against a pretty competitive plague marine list (9 oblits, ouch...).
I lost the first turn roll and it was a KP mission, which I think is going to be the mission this army does the least well at, unlike my BA army that excels at it. I had 2 good turns of shooting and it just wasn't enough. Took down a few of his rhino's filled with plaguemarines, but other then a few lucky Medusa hits the plaguemarines are tough, to say the least, to kill. He got a demon prince into my tank lines and that was about it. It was the first time I had played a list like his, so I learned a lot about how to play against it, as well as something about my army.
Next up I tossed my army against an ork horde army. It was a pretty standard ork army, 3 squads of 30 boyz, 3 deff dreads, some mega nobs and a big mek. This time I got first turn and it really helped. It went the way you would expect for a shooty IG and horde ork game to go, I shot at him a lot and whittled away about 2/3 of his army by the time it got to me, but it just wasn't enough.
I am going to play a few more games before tweaking my list. The inquisitor is going to go first I think. I like the idea of what he can do, but so far he hasn't done anything other then take up 80 points. While not a lot, I take the two medusas to work with his anti-deep strike ability so if he is not being used, I can modify that part of my list too and free up some more points. I've noticed a lack of ranged tank killing in the army, and if I drop the inquisitor and modify my HS choices, or maybe add in a HW team with lascannons it might help. I'll run a few more before I do that though.


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