Monday, November 8, 2010

I had a very 40k centric weekend. Got my baneblades and Leman Russ' in the mail on Friday. That night swung by my FLGS to pick up the new Dark Eldar Codex and after got in a 2k point game againts one of my regular sparing partners.

It was one of the most interesting games I'd played in a while. He was running a very heavy TH/SS termie list (30 Terminators) and I decided to run a Tac Marine army (6 tac squads, 1 assault squad, 2 dev's with M/L). It was space marine elite vs space marine spam. We had rolled Dawn of War and decided to reroll as I would have gotten killed. We ended up playing capture and control with him walking across and me rolling a lot of bolter shots, and we ended up tying. Very strange mismatch of a game.

On Saturday night, the same sparing partner had missed a tournie he was supposed to be playing in and hit me up to see if I wanted to play again. By the time we were supposed to get together after a day of being a responsible adult and getting things done, both of us were a bit tired to play and spent the evening painting and watching Marbo's inspiration destroy cinematic villains.


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