Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My addiction kicked in Today with a long fulfilled desire. Found an auction on eBay I had been watching for a while with two baneblades and three leman russ'. I was able to pick them up for a very reasonable price. Someone clearly had played some Apocalypse and decided it wasn't for them, or got tired of it. The models are painted to a very basic table standard and with some wash and extra detail work I think they'll be fine.

I was able to justify the purchase on another front, I have a friend who plays IG and his Birthday is coming up soon, and I know he's wanted a super heavy for a while so I just couldn't pass up the deal.

I first saw the baneblade back in 2nd edition when they were made by armourcast and a friend of mine (the one who introduced me to 40k, when all my friends were playing fantasy) had one in a box. I thought the thing was the coolest tank I had seen, and even though I played marines at the time I knew I wanted one. Fast forward 15 years later, and I finally have one in the stable.


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