Friday, November 12, 2010

Double Time.

Finished up a couple more vehicles last night in my mega-assembly task. I got the second basilisk (holy crap I hate putting the cannons together) and my manticore. I had only planned on doing the manticore, but it went so fast I did the basilisk as well.

The manticore is a way fun model to put together. I didn't assemble the missiles, as I am mulling over the idea of magnetizing the missiles so when I shoot one I just pull it off to help remember how many shots I have left. Sounds like fun, but I'm not sure if my eyes are bigger then my stomach on this one.

Going to pick up some plasticard today so I can finish up the chimeras. I hate the guns coming out of the firing ports. They just look silly, and I've had bad experiences. A friend of mine showed me how he put plasticard underneath to plug the holes and it came out really nice. I'm going to give it a shot. Going to shell out the cash for a pair of proper sprue clippers, I've been using the same pair since dubya got elected (the first time) so I'm due.


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