Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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I thought it might be fun to share my ever changing adventures in the world of Warhammer 40,000. Most people that play discover an army that fits their play style, or they love the look of it. I fit into the other camp; I love most of the armies and enjoy playing almost every type of list out there for different reasons.

A bit of my background as a 40k player.

I played some 2nd edition in High School and graduated into 3rd where most of my time was spent. I found a regular gaming group playing 3 nights a week, and first discovered my awful trait of collecting different armies. At the height of my collecting addiction I had acquired Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Tyranids, Orks, Chaos Marines, Tau and even a small Blood Angel Army.

My gaming group imploded a few years into my twenties about the time fourth ed came out and I just walked away from the game for a few years. Add in some college, a kid and job changes and I've only recently found time to rediscover the hobby, and this time with my ten year old son. I had attempted to get back into the hobby a few years ago with some friends who turned out to not be as committed as I was to it. After picking up a 2000 point Tau army and realizing I was the only one who had bought models I decided to wait a bit before assembling, and sure enough none of my friends pulled the trigger. I sold the stuff on eBay, ended up making all of my money back and decided that it may not be for me if I couldn't get my friends into the hobby.

Fast forward to a few years later when I walked into a FLGS one day to pick up some Magic Cards, as I had introduced this game as a gateway game to my son a few years prior. I saw the Attack on Black Reach set and remembered how much I enjoyed it, and being of the almost the right age he might as well. We picked up the AOBR set and he gravitated to the marines so I took the Orks. My addiction kicked in, and within a month the small Ork force had expanded to 1500 points of Death Skulls and my son's force transformed into a good sized Space Wolf army. This time I decided that even if my friends were not into the hobby I would find a new group to play with, or just play at stores (not my first choice, I am a garagehammer player at heart).

After the Orks I collected about 2000 points of Tyranids, finding a very large force of hormagaunts/termagaunts/warriors on ebay for very cheap. Add in a few elites, an HQ or two, a few Heavy Support and I had a decent force to play with. At this time I found a few friends I used to play with and joined (weaseled) my way into their group to get some games in. My Tyranids worked out well for painting, and I enjoyed playing with them, but they were just not competitive enough for me to use at FLGS tournies. During my reintroduction to 40k I had been collecting a small marine army with the idea of painting up some Blood Ravens as the Dawn of War game had really grabbed me. When I found out that the Blood Angels got fast vehicles I found my codex.

I spent a few months painting up an 1850 force of Blood Ravens using the BA codex for Da Grand Waaagh in Alameda, Ca in October of 2010. I did okay, finished with 1 win, 2 ties and 2 losses and finished 37 out of 73. Not too bad for my first large scale tournament. I wasn't happy with how my army performed, so I decided to rework it a bit. It was a very heavy mechanized list, and I've changed it into somewhat of an assault army with some mech. As it morphed from a shooting army into an assault army I needed to fill in the whole left in my stable of not having a shooting army.

So I decided to pursue collecting a Guard army. This coincided with my urge to step up my painting skills and learn how to use an airbrush. What better army to learn with then a mechanized heavy, shooty Guard army? So I sold off a ton of War at Sea minis and a Necron army that I had collected up but never used, with the intention of it being my next army (until I read their horrible rules and how boring they would be to even stand a chance in a game).

That’s where I am today. I thought it might be fun to document my misadventures and many tangents in the Far Future so starting a blog sounded like the way to do it. It was either that or scrapbook, and I am terrible with embellishments.


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