Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Painting Death Shroud Terminators

After assembling 60 MK3 marines I decided I wanted to actually paint something.  Airbrush worked much better than I had anticipated.  I am spraying a GW base paint and I expected to deal with clogs.  I did a few things to mitigate this.  I did some extra "cutting".

  • 40% paint
  • 50% water
  • 10% flow-aid
If you haven't used flow-aid before, it's a Liquitex product and its amazing.  I use it to make washes flow even better into spaces and I use it when cutting my airbrush paint to help get the paint through the nozzle.

I also went through one additional step and used an automotive disposable paint filter to run the paint through.  I'm not sure it did anything though I can say with the above two steps I had zero problems spraying ten models and zero problems cleaning up the brush.  We'll see how the above method holds up when I paint the first batch of 20 Mk3 marines.  That will be a bigger test. 

Filter I used. 


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