Saturday, January 21, 2012

East Bay Wargamers league

I played my fourth game in my league this afternoon.  It was a 1500 point kill point game with spearhead deployment.  I played my plaguemarine army with a splash of khorne.   I was lucky enough to get first turn and he failed to seize.   My oblits turned out to be MVP's taking out his long range shooting on turn one, and on turn two removing his ability to make scarabs.   The game was pretty simple, he killed a few units but it wasn't enough as my assault punch was just too much.

It turned out to be a good learning experience for me, as I hadn't played against the necrons before.   We called the game, but when we did it was 7-2 KPs, and most likely it would have ended at 9-3 if we had finished the game. 


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