Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Grey Knights made it okay for me to play Space Wolves

I've recently decided to pick up a Space Wolves army.  I found a scheme that I love, it's easy to paint, and it will be super cheap as my Son has most of a Space Wolf army that he really never got into.  A few pickups on eBay and I'll have an 1850 ready to go soon.

Space Wolves have always been a "back burner" army for me, one that I've wanted to collect but haven't pulled the trigger.  The main reason (and this is a moronic one) is because they are so chic in the competitive scene I just couldn't bring myself to pick up the army.  I've already got one army that does well competitively, my Imperial Guard. Even though I'd played the army in third, I just didn't want to be perceived as another band wagoner.

I've heard for a while that a lot of Space Wolf players have jumped shipped and are now running Grey Knights.  I've seen many articles in the blog-o-sphere that show the numbers of Wolf players at tournaments is slowly going down or even disappearing.   I've been planning on doing Tau next, though every rumor that had placed them coming out first/second quarter this year has pretty much been countered with what looks like Black Templars as the next release, so I've got a large hole in my hobby time to fill anyway.  I could have done another one of my back burner armies, like Tyranids, though I'd like to see how 6th plays out first.   The congruence of finding a great scheme and the climate change in the competitive scene made an easy decision for me.


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