Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Warp Time being nerfed isn't as bad as you think

The Chaos Space Marine codex is pretty thin on standouts,  the Demon Prince is one of the few must haves in the army.   It's a cheap, deadly, survivable hammer unit.  The biggest limitation in my experience is that you only get four attacks and for some combats that's just not enough to get the job done. Warp Time has always been a great way of increasing the damage output to at least a consistent level so that at least 3 of your hits will do some damage.

I was a bit irritated to see the nerf as the codex is far from top tier, why nerf one of the bright spots of this lackluster codex?  My CSM force isn't really meant to be that competitive, it holds it's own, but it is not anywhere close to as effective as my IG so I didn't stay upset for too long.  A few days after the nerf I played in a league game and I actually some benefit to warp time being nerfed.

Warp Time is an ability that you usually only used half the turns, as on your own turn you don't want to kill the unit you are fighting and expose yourself to fire, you use it on your opponents turn only (in most situations).   This means that I am paying twenty points for something that I only use a max of six times, and with most games the demon princes not always fighting every turn, more than likely only three times a game. After consideration, I just dropped Warp Time.  Between the two in my 1500 list I got 40 points back.

Those 40 points (because I wasn't quite 1500) let me throw in two more plague marines.  This meant my two plague marine squads went from seven models to eight models. Even though I lost an ability I really liked, the consolation prize was my troop squads got more resilient.  In the first game I played without Warp Time I didn't even really miss it.  Time will tell, but I have a feeling that GW's latest kick in the teeth to us faithful CSM players will feel more like a nerf bat than a boot.


  1. So is this a rumour about the next chaos codex comin out ... do u know when its coming out ? I circled the rumour mills and spoke to dudes in GW store but all saying different things

    1. From what I hear there will be a Chaos Legions codex coming out, and the current codex will stay valid.

    2. oh okay then. Sounds like good stuff i do like warp time thou :(