Monday, January 30, 2012

Painting Space Wolf Grey Hunters with From the Warp's Scheme

I was surprised on Friday that in the mail all of my Space Wolves that I had ordered from multiple places had all shown up.  This led to a weekend where I spent entirely too much time working on my Space Wolves.   This army is coming together fast.  On Friday I had 3 boxes of the GW Wolf Packs, 7 missile launchers, and a rhino come in the mail.

By Sunday evening when I finally put my brush down I had all of the models assembled, including 30 Grey Hunters, a Rhino and 11 Long Fangs.  I based and primed them all, put a coat of wash on them and then started to work on the Grey Hunters.  I was able over the weekend through spending most of Saturday evening (and most of the Firefly series) and painting into the morning to get the Grey Hunters 95% done.  They still need to have the bases done, some additional face washing and high lighting to go, and some weapon highlights, but they are about done.  I know people that paint a lot faster than that, but getting three full troops choices this far along felt like a great accomplishment.  This army will be at 2000 points and fully painted much quicker than any other army I've done. 

When they are done and bases I will post some much better pictures.  Here they are as a work in progress.


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