Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Space Wolf Terminators using From The Warp Alternate Scheme are done

I finished the basing last night on the models I have been painting in a scheme I earlier posted about on From the Warp , and I got to a point where I want to move on to another unit.  I still see things I could do, though right now I think I want to move on to long fangs so I can get an 1850 painted in a decent amount of time.  This scheme is ridiculously easy and I think on basic marines and vehicles it will be just as easy.   If I had to guess I think, I spent about 8 hours in total on these models, and for me (a slow painter) that is pretty quick, especially for this amount of detail.   I am not the best painter out there, I try and get my stuff consistant, fully painted, and look good from a foot a away.  With this scheme I think I am easily surpassing that.  I am very surprised with how easy and how detailed this paint scheme came out.

I enjoyed this scheme so much that as I alluded to in the above paragraph, I am going to do a whole army in these colors.  I ordered some more space wolf packs from eBay last night and pretty quick I should have a great looking force of Space Puppies.

More pictures!!


  1. These look great. I actually like the grass/snow combination most of all. I know the models look good, but the basing combination of materials is pretty cool too.

    Nice work!

    From the Warp

    1. Thanks! I usually try and do something extra on bases, I find it helps with the overall model, as I usually miss details. I saw some partial snow bases at a local shop and I was trying to emulate it. Thanks a ton for posting the original article, I really like the scheme.

  2. Hej! Which color did you use for primer! I want to adapt that color scheme and need spray an pot, couldn't find one so far!