Friday, January 20, 2012

Space Wolves Test Paint Scheme - in progress

I started working on some Space Wolves, testing the process I found on From the Warp that I wrote about. I picked up the paints (or what I am pretty sure the paints were) and got to work.  A coat of primer and some soft body wash from Secret Weapon Miniatures came out just as fantastic as they did in the original article.  I was so happy with the results of the first model I decided to do the rest of the squad and one of the long fang squads.

First model after priming.  I did the head only.

First model after some drying.  After that the rest of the models I started. The next phase I need to do is repainting some of the flat surfaces, like in the tutorial.


  1. Glad to hear they worked out for you and you're happy with the results. It goes pretty quick once you get the hang of it.

    I like the non-blue look to the armour as I think it makes them look a bit meaner.

    1. I've never been a fan of the blue-grey look, and this scheme is amazing. The wash is fantastic as well. Can't wait to finish the termies and try it on a few Rhinos.

  2. On vehicles you might want to be a bit more careful with your application of your wash so that it minimizes the cleanup you have to do. Jeep your wash to the corners, recessed areas and such and you should be all set.

  3. Hello! I just collected my first space wolves package and I've been looking around internet for some cool schemes for SW AND I FOUND THIS!

    It looks really cool, but I was wondering since I live in Sweden - is it possible to go with GW's colors? and which one is it, if you know? :)