Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good guy games workshop - Dreadstone Blight review

I put together my Dreadstone Blight terrain piece last week, and though I didn't get a chance to say anything at the time I wanted put up a short review.

I was very impressed with this terrain piece.  The price was a downright steal, $30 for a good size piece and assembly was pretty easy.  For one thing, the parts came not on sprues but precut and in bags.  I've never seen this in a GW product before, and while I doubt there will be many like it, it really cut down on assembly time. This tower was also unique in that it could be built several different ways. I chose to build it pretty much like the picture, but there are many different styles of tower you could build. 


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  2. Would you be able to post the dimensions? What sort of diameter is the tower - looks about 6"?