Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shameless Repost:How to paint Space Wolves via From the Warp

One of the many armies I've been able to suppress my urge to collect is that of Space Wolves.  I've always liked their wolf and snow themes(except for the thunder wolves, that is ridiculous).  I played them for a while in third edition, eventually donating the army to a friend to get him to play.  My son many years later ended up with this army and occasionally he gets an urge and I let him beat my face with it.

I have always not been a fan of the very not grey, Space Wolves Grey.  I like when the army is painted in more of an actual grey, like a slate grey.  From the Warp posted a fantastic tutorial on how to do this, and it looks very quick and very easy.  These are two things I need in a paint scheme.  While I love having fully painted armies, as my gaming group knows, I am very fickle about moving from project to project.  I spend too much time thinking about my next project to spend as much time as I should on the project that is in front of me.

While Tau have been my "next" project for sometime, articles like this make it really hard to stick to my guns.  Oh, and lets not even talk about how 6th looks like the type of swarm tyranid army I love to play is going to be viable again....


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