Thursday, October 20, 2011

First crack at Green Stuff for Nurgle - Demon Prince

After a recent order from Minature Market arrived I had what I needed to start working on my Nurgle additions to my new chaos army.  I picked up a few boxes of terminators, some paint and some green stuff and a GW sculpting tool. 

I had a metal demon prince from the army I had recently purchased, though I decided to pick up a finecast one.  The rest of the army is plastic, so I just thought a finecast one made more sense.  It's also the reason I am going to convert a Typhus model, as there is no finecast version.

After a short trip to Black Diamond Games earlier this week to grab a Finecast version I had decided that the plastic wings (that I had appropriated from the metal demon prince) were just too clean and needed to get nurlged.

I haven't ever sculpted anything with green stuff so it was a new experience.  I mostly made some pustules and a few patches of rotted skin on the wings, trying to make it match up a bit better with what the model has. 

I found the green stuff was really easy to work with, other then it stuck to everything.  I couldn't really roll out patches of it to make skin, the roller just stuck to it.  It did stay pliable for quite a while which made it really easy to keep changing my design.  I used GWs green stuff, I don't know if it is any better then the generic or Gale Force 9 stuff (though I have a suspicion it is all made by the same vendor to begin with)

I made my pustules by making a ball of green stuff and then just spreading it out and putting a nasty indent in it, like it had popped and never healed. 

I asked my Wife after I was done what she thought, and she said it looked gross.  Mission accomplished.

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