Friday, October 21, 2011

Nurgle Terminators - Playing with poses

 Sometimes I feel like this hobby we all love is only one notch above playing with dolls.  Putting together terminator models last night, I realized how very close it is.  We put the models in cool poses, paint them (dress them up) and then play with them.  I'm not saying that we all play with dolls, only that we are very close to that edge and teetering.  But...our dolls blow stuff up, so it's okay.  I'm digressing...
Last night I cracked open one of my two boxes of terminators that I am going to nurgle up and press into service in my Chaos Marine army.  I was inspired by a recent Dakka thread where some amazing poses were done with some Khorne models. I know I couldn't get even close to the quality of what that guy did, though I figure I could do something more then simply static poses.

I call this one, my "are you not entertained" pose.
 One of the great poses in that Dakka Thread was a running terminator.  I'm going to attempt something similar with the below legs I chopped up and hacked together.
 This one is just a terminator with an Autocannon trying to look more menacing and as if he sees something to the side.   I hacked up the Autocannon a bit, as I am not a fan of how all of the Chaos Terminator weapons have blades on them.  I realize spikes/blades are a big deal for Chaos, but GW got a little carried away.


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