Sunday, October 16, 2011

Instant 40k Army - Tons of Nurgly pictures

I mentioned in my blog how I had picked up my buddies nurgle army last weekend to jump start my next army. All I am going to have to add is a few more units and I will have a nice 2500ish amount of nurgle marines to take out for a spin when I feel like a 3+ army with a bit of evil in it.

I normally would never say I could get anywhere close to the quality of the models my buddy paints and this army is only an exception due to the fact he never did all the highlighting he wanted to.  In spite of that, the army is still amazing.  He's got a lot of custom sculpting and addition of power cables, puss sores, skin stuff, and shoulder pads.  I am going to try and learn to do some of that in the next few months. 

Here is the army as it was when he tossed me the keys. 


  1. Tripod. Invest in a tripod.

    Also, I just noticed that I didn't paint a hole for the oblitorator guns. Got a mid sized, round, black Sharpie?