Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Refurbishing Khorne Terminators

Revisiting an old army can be difficult for many reasons, the first of which is the paint job.  I've gotten much better in the last year, let alone three years, so to go look at models I painted before my break in 40k is difficult. 

Most of my models got sold when I walked away from 40k, but I kept my five to ten year old Chaos Marine army.  I've decided to rehabilitate some of my models that I think I would like to use with my new nurgle models, mostly the Khorne parts of my army. 

One of the few models I am proud of are the Khorne converted terminators.  The paint jobs were what I thought were done, but I now see through some washing, highlighting and re basing they can look a ton better.  I started last night by pulling them off their bases and adding sand as well as some rocks and other items to make them more dynamic. 

I apologize for the pictures, all I had was my son's iTouch.

Models before adding in some extra basing.

I added two sizes of sand, along with rocks and a few other terrain elements.

 Tonight I should be able to put some base colors on the basing.  I'm also planning on washing the gold with some Devlin Mud to bring down the gold a bit.  I also see a ton of details (skulls and chains) that need to be picked out.


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