Monday, October 24, 2011

Nurgle updates - More green stuff fun

 I tried out the Army Painter color my friend who painted the original army used and I must say I was really impressed.  It stuck to the finecast material quite well, went on smooth with good coverage.  It only took two coats to cover such a detailed model as the nurgle demon prince.
My next step is to paint on two colors of green via the airbrush, though I am going to wait until I finish green stuffing the terminators, land raider and raptors so I can do them all in one batch.  Using the airbush is such a pain, I want to minimize the work.

I started to green stuff up the terminators, and they came out okay. I am hoping that putting some paint on them will really help sell the nurgle bits I carved in, because right now they just look meh to me.  It is tougher to work in green stuff then I thought, it's quite sticky and I need to find a solution to keep it from sticking to the GW carving tool I am using.

Onto some pictures...I did my 5 man terminator squad on Sunday.

I also finished up a squad of 5 raptors.  I am not a big fan of the raptor models, and never have been of any of the incarnations.  They just look weird and not very chaos'y to me.  I have always been a fan of re purposed marine components as it just makes sense to me.  I used bits from a few different kits to build the below.  A space marine assault squad donated the jump packs, bezerkers and normal chaos marines for the chest, some legs, arms, weapons and heads.  I got some of the legs from a tactical marine squad  boxI had on my shelf and the melta guns came from some space wolves that didn't need them.


  1. Looking good Sean. Keep the updates coming. I'm looking forward to seeing the final results.

  2. @Inquisitor17 Thanks! I'm almost done, made it to the airbrush stage.