Friday, October 7, 2011

To Forgeworld or not to Forgeworld, that is the question...

I am in the planning phase of my next force where I am obsessing on all of the options of units that I can pick up.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I am mostly just collecting what I think is cool without much regard for it's effectiveness.  This army is built with very little competitive flavor, in fact barely a sprinkle at all.

One of my favorite units has always been Chaos Terminators.  They just look bad ass with their reaper autocannons (how cool is that, they have their own autocannons?), chainfists, power axes, and trophy racks.  There is nothing more fun then filling your terminator's trophy racks with heads from your friends armies.  My old abaddon model had on head from each of the gamers in my group's main force.  Even my Bloodthirster was stepping on a Space Wolf.  I've always found this kind of thing works well with Chaos....but I digress.

Back to the topic at hand, terminators.  Specifically, Nurgle terminators.  I really like the foregworld Nurgle terminator conversion kits, they look amazing.  The problem is, as we all know, the really slow lead time for Forgeworld stuff.  So I have the option of either putting together a large order to hit the fast free shipping limit Forgeworld has with a bunch of friends (tough to do, I don't know many others that are into Forgeworld) or wait 8 weeks for it to show up and overpay for shipping.  

I am leaning towards just skipping the kits and converting myself with a lot of greenstuff.  Nurgle is one of the easier ones to do, just lots of holes and puss bubbles, but this is one time I would really like to get the "good stuff". Forgeworld or not.....


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