Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Table War Display Case Impressions

In yesterday's post I mentioned how at a local tournament I got to meet the owners of Table War who make a revolutionary storage and display system.  I had seen some video (including a thorough review by a friend of mine) and was looking forward to seeing it in person.

There were a few full cases they had brought, including an IG army and an Ork army.  Both armies fit really well in the cases, even Valkyries managed to fit in the IG case. 

As you can see from the title picture the system is made up of a case and then several shelves.  The system is quite modular, which means it is 100% custom and can be changed.  One advantage is you would only need one case to carry and just buy many shelves to keep the army on.  One of the owners told me this is what he does, just puts the army on shelves when he is done with it and tosses it in the case when he is ready to play.  This is also a great way to display a nicely painted army at home.

It is an amazing addition to the hobby, but there are two factors keeping me from writing that check.

The first is shock protection.  To be clear, I am a Klutz and drop a lot of stuff. It looked to me that if you drop it on the ground, there is  no shock protection built in.  You will have some help because everything is magnetized, but that will do nothing to absorb the impact, unlike traditional foam systems.  I may be wrong on this one, but it makes me a bit worried.

The second, and most important, is price.  They had me sold until I priced one out on their website. Currently Battlefoam holds the place as most expensive carrying system.  I picked up one of their cases for my IG and it was a tough decision, even with their black Friday sale last year it was $200 for a case and the custom foam for my army.  The Table War stuff is even more pricey.

The reason for the expensive nature is because everything is modular, you have to buy a lot of add ons.  The main case is $200, which if it came with all of the trays, I would say was a good price.  It doesn't.  The tray's themselves are $15 a piece, and then you have to get the inserts for them to put models on, pushing each total shelf to between $22 and $30 dollars.  Four shelves adds $120 to the price.

Below is what it would have cost me for an 1850 marine army of mine to be in a case.  The price came out to be $332 with shipping.

All in all it looks like a fantastic product just at too high of a price point for me.  They look amazing in person, and if I could afford one I would give it a shot.


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